About Me

Here we are, adding one more blog to the gazillion in existence. Why should you care? Because hopefully, you'll get something out of reading it. Maybe a happy thought to carry you through the day, a new recipe to try over the weekend, or the inspiration to make a difference in someone's life.

I am not a comedian, a chef, a life-coach or anything of that sort. I am a writer for a large corporation by day, so I am choosing to be a creative writer on my own time. My qualifications for the topic are the things I do on a daily basis: make people smile, cook, and try to self-improve wherever and whenever I can. My drive for all of the writing I hope to do is that I love to share what I've learned...and I don't want to blab on endlessly to those who don't care. Anyone reading has the choice to move at anytime they want with no hard feelings.

With that, I hope you enjoy what you find. Feel free to comment and share material with others.


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