Mr. Q. Cumber

Thursday, November 4, 2010


When I think of cucumbers, I think of sliced with salt, adding crunch to salad, or being a standard salad feature. I do not think of soda. However, a few months ago I heard that this drink was going to be coming out and lo and behold, today I saw it being sold at my local smoothie spot. I had to get one. I figured it could be bad since I do really like cucumbers in ice water (yes, it's good!). The soda was definitely good although even though it's what I expected, it wasn't. I guess it was just more of being used to soda being certain flavors, most of them very sugary.

Mr. Q. Cumber, you may be a new treat for me. We could even become Facebook friends :)


Jeni Treehugger said...

That just made my mouth water! I got bought a special bottle of gin 2 Christmases ago and one of the main ingredients in that was cucumber.

Anonymous said...

I love cucumber-infused water! I like to make a big pitcher with cucumber, ginger, lemon, and mint. That sounds like a weird combination, I know, but it's really delicious. A coworker was on a special diet and she drank it for that, but I like it just for the taste!

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