A movie and popcorn kind of date night

Friday, November 5, 2010

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Popcorn and a movie

Friday nights are typically our night in. We’re tired from a long week and just want to unwind. I won’t lie – this usually involves pizza, wine and a movie. With it being Guy Fawkes Day and all, we’re going to watch V is for Vendetta. And you can’t have a good movie without some popcorn!

It’s been a while since I’ve bought microwave popcorn. Sure, the convenience is great, but when you cook it on the stove, it’s just you and the kernel…and a little bit of oil. It’s very easy and you don’t need any fancy equipment to do it. You can follow the directions that are listed on the package your corn kernels came in or wing it, like I do.

Just pour a couple tablespoons of oil in a pot (preferably one that has a matching lid). Set the heat on medium and pour in your kernels. Resist the urge to add a lot of kernels because you’ll overflow! These little guys start taking up a lot of space FAST. Keep your lid on so oil and kernels don’t start flying out. If you’d like, you can swirl the pot around a bit during the cooking process. I promise it won’t be long before you hear the popping noise. Pay close attention to when it slows down so you can remove the popcorn from the burner before you toast your treat. Pour the finished popcorn into a great big bowl.

As if the popping part wasn’t fun enough (I love watching the kernels pop!), now you get to top the popcorn. We like ours with some sea salt tossed in. Simple but tasty. One of my favorite combos is salty popcorn and chocolate because, of course, chocolate makes EVERYTHING better!

Happy movie watching!


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