Forks Over Knives screening and dinner at Darbster's

Sunday, November 7, 2010

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Saturday turned out to be a grand day to be a vegan. I attended a screening of Forks Over Knives, a movie due out in the spring that addresses the need for people to adapt a plant-based diet. Think The China Study meets Hollywood. One of real-life patients that was in the film (actually, the one featured in the movie trailer) attended the screening and gave a testimony to how much it has changed his life. There were some veggies in the audience, but only a few. I think that he really made impression on people. For me, and I'm assuming any other veggie, it was motivation to keep going. The movie is still doing screenings and will also do premieres. Just check out their website to see if they are hosting an event near you.

After the event, I caught up with a couple ladies from across the room having heard that they were veggie. They'd mentioned during the post-film discussion that they were newly veg so I wanted to tell them about all the awesomeness going on with MoFo. Of course they were super excited. Who wouldn't be? So off my new acquaintances and I went to a vegan/raw restaurant that I'd never been to.

They took me to Darbster in West Palm Beach (Florida), which I probably would have driven past if I'd not been following them. It was cozy and friendly...even dog-friendly! The menu had lots of good options, the prices were pretty decent, and the staff was outstanding. I really enjoyed the whole thing. I ordered Hearts of Palm Cakes because it was something new for me and because it was highly recommended. It was so good that it made it difficult to be engaged in the dinner conversation when all I wanted to do was shovel the whole thing in my mouth. When I go back (not if), it will be hard not to default to ordering that because I liked it so much. The other stuff that was coming out of the kitchen looked pretty darn good, too. No picture of the food from me because I dove in faster than I realized it was a good opportunity hahaha. But you can go to their website and check out their menu and lots of (unstealable) pictures of their food.


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