A Joyful Kitchen: Recipe Testing

Sunday, August 15, 2010

So, since my last post, my resolution to focus more on need-to-get-done tasks quickly faded. My procrastination slightly improved, but my self-challenge not to watch 24 didn't go so well (better than normal, at least) and my Facebook hiatus was an epic fail. Sigh, there is always the chance to try again. If we succeeded on the first try every time, life would be blah, right?

What I did get done was a bunch of cooking. I tried out a bunch of new recipes and loved them all! I have them listed and linked to below, each with my own notes. No pics here, though. Just click through and the source will have a photo for you.
  1. Homemade vegan (tofu) yogurt - This recipe from Happy Herbivore was so easy! I followed the directions as written and then blended in some blackberries and strawberries. The recipe made more than I could use at one meal, but I wasn't sure about saving the yogurt over night. Just to be safe, I used it as a base for a smoothie later in the day. Yum!
  2. Whole wheat, fat-free pancakes - Another recipe from Happy Herbivore. The hubby and I enjoyed these for breakfast, served with the yogurt listed above, as a matter of fact. They were especially good with some maple syrup. I had planned on freezing a couple pancakes to toast up next weekend, but we ate the entire batch! Oops! Next time I will plan on making a double batch so I have extras on hand. Growing up, my parents always threw a couple pancakes in the fridge or freezer to enjoy a few days later. It's nice to have a "comfort" breakfast in a matter of minutes.

  3. Instant vegan alfredo - Last Happy Herbivore recipe of the post, I promise! I just happened to be surfing their blog and came across so many goodies I couldn't help myself. The alfredo sauce was awesome. We love alfredo but I always cringed at buying the stuff in the jar. This beats anything I've tried and it's so much more healthy. We enjoyed ours over linguine, steamed broccoli, and some Tofurky sun-dried tomato "sausage". It's worth mentioning that the leftovers worked out just great, so this could be a dish I could make a night ahead or pack for lunch. Mmm...

  4. Polenta with balsamic kale and white beans - I scored this gem from a site called C'est La Vegan. It was soooo nice. And easy! I served this with fresh sliced heirloom tomato. It has such beautiful color and great taste (thanks to the balsamic vinegar!) that I think it's one that I will note to make for guests.
All the recipes I tried out were pretty easy. I just take a bit longer the first time through because I'm double checking steps and whatnot. After a few tries, any of these would something quick to whip up. Also, don't let the word "vegan" scare you! I would proudly serve any of these dishes to a non-vegan or non-vegetarian.

I already have a list brewing for the coming week. I plan to make some vanilla peach jam, a bean-based veggie dip, and something that will provide me my first Daiya cheese encounter. By next weekend, I need to have a short list of some good freezer meals put together. I want to do a bit of cooking ahead before I start my fall classes and have to cut back on my time in the kitchen. It's a bummer because I have some non-recipe cooking I really want to try out, too! All in due time, I suppose. In the mean time, I have some dishes to wash!


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