Walk it Off!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Wow, when I came home from work did I have a brain full! It wasn't that work was following me home, so to speak, but I was letting myself get caught up in a lot of "what-if's" of my personal life. It's all good stuff, but it still had my thoughts going a mile a minute. I couldn't focus on anything but the multiple combination of hypothetical situations, none of which I could do anything about today.

Ever been there?

A couple years ago, I probably would have made an emergency trip to the store to buy a personal pint of ice cream and zoned out in front of the television for the night. Ahhh...drowning my thoughts in food. Thankfully, I have gotten better with dealing with days like this and I know the solution is in my tennis shoes! I lace 'em up and head out the door.

There is nothing like a brisk walk to clear my mind. No, the weather's not perfect. No, I don't always feel like glistening (I don't sweat - I glisten!). And no, it's not as easy to get into as being lazy is. But the payoffs of getting outside for a walk are huge! Totally worth it!

By walking today...
  • I burned at least 300 calories
  • Got my vitamin D from the sunshine
  • Saw some cool little animals
  • Spent less time getting over my thought tornado than I would have on the couch
  • And most importantly, I came back feeling a lot better!
No walk needs to be huffing and puffing for miles to work. Even a stroll for 10-15 minutes can be really helpful.

Now, if I can just get people that I pass and greet to quit looking at me like I'm crazy, I think I'll be all set. While I'm working on that, give walking therapy a try for yourself!


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