I am the bag lady.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Admittedly, I am one of those people who will load up with bags to the point where I can barely walk just so I don't have to make two trips to the car. Are you? If not, I'm sure you know someone who is. One thing that has made my life easier is reusable bags that are sold at practically every store these days. They only cost about a dollar and are absolutely wonderful, yet so few people use them. I don't get it. You don't even have to be all about "green" to get something out of their use.

Sure the bags do make carrying in groceries (and transporting them, too!) much easier, but they do so much more. Just think about it... If you grocery shop once a week, you easily acquire 10+ plastic bags. That's a low number because we all know that baggers tend to put only one or two items in each plastic bag ;) So let's take that 10 and multiply it by 52 weeks a year and that's 520 plastic bags being brought into your home each year! Ridiculous! Can you honestly say that you get a second use out of all those bags? No, they probably go into the garbage or add to a cluttery corner. So cut the crap out of the equation. Spend five bucks and get yourself some reusable totes. Need more convincing? Here are some good reasons:
  • Less plastic going into landfills
  • Less clutter coming in your home
  • Less groceries getting spilled all over your car
  • Less to carry in from car
  • They look spiffy!
I agree it takes a bit of a habit to get into using them, so you have to think about your own routine and have the bags where you'll remember to take them and use them. That may be in the car or in a certain spot by your home. Maybe you keep a running grocery list. You could add "TAKE BAGS" to the top of that list.

I have definitely gotten into the routine and have now been able to take it a bit further. I keep about five totes stored at home and grab them along with my shopping list when I head out to the grocery store. They've held up very well for more than a year. To eliminate flimsy produce bags, I found some reuseable mesh ones with a drawstring that I take with me, too. I have a spare tote tucked away in the car for unplanned stops at the grocery store. And here's the kicker...I have a cute fabric bag that tucks itself into a pocket that I keep in my purse for double back up. I even bust this out when I am buying non-grocery store items. And I have no shame using one bag to carry all my purchases from different stores in situations like shopping at a mall. Call me crazy, but I hate hate hate bringing home unnecessary plastic bags. I may be the local bag lady, but I do my sanity and the earth a favor :)


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